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The M+M Turbinen-Technik GmbH will deliver a steam turbine generator set for an innovative Integrated Solar Energy System developed by Aalborg CSP in South Australia. The integrated solar energy system will support the end-client, Sundrop Farms’ sustainable horticulture activities in the South Australian desert using sunlight and seawater as the main resources. Multiple technologies are being combined to utiliSe the given natural resources in the most efficient manner. The solar plant is based on direct steam generation using the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) tower technology. The emerging steam will be utiliSed to produce fresh water for the greenhouse by desalinating seawater and for heating the greenhouse in both wintertime and on cold summer nights. The secondary steam will drive the M+M steam turbine to produce an electrical output of 1500kW. The delivery of the M+M turbine is scheduled for January 2016.


Comparison of PWM snd SVM based active filters
By S. Sherine, A.P, EEE Department, Bharath University
Abstract ~ The aim of this project is to simulate VSI and CSI based active power filters to Non-linear load for improving power quality. THD is used as measuring index for comparing performances of these filters. These filters can reduce harmonic in supply current. View here
Utility requirements document for small modular reactors
The Utility Requirements Document is a declaration of owner/operator requirements for new nuclear plants, large or small. More than 1200 specific changes were made in the revision to accommodate SMR designs, ranging from emergency planning and human factors design to detailed technical modifications associated with safety systems and building arrangement. Notably, the EPRI Utility Requirements Document can be used throughout a nuclear power plant project’s lifetime ~ before, during, and after technology selection ~ to support successful project execution. View here
Power outages, sizzling heat force people to throng rivers Armenian protesters call for evening rally after police remove barricades
Exelon's 120MW Perryman 6 natural gas power generating unit began commercial operation on Sunday, (June 28). Located at the company’s Perryman Generating Station near Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, Perryman 6 increases the station’s full generating capacity to 475MW. The Pratt & Whitney Power Systems design FT4000 Swiftpac power generation unit consists of two simple cycle, aero-derivative combustion turbines. Perryman 6 is a peaking unit. It will run mainly on natural gas but will also have the ability to run on oil as a back-up.
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EPA doctrine causes angst in power and coal industry
On: 03-08-2015 Topic: General

“The Administration (US) seems increasingly desperate to salvage an ill-advised and poorly designed rule, which won’t work, won’t pass muster with states, and won’t stand up to legal scrutiny,” Deck Slone, Arch Coal Inc.'s senior vice president of strategy and public policy said in response to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's final “Clean Power Plan” rule.

“Even prior to the expensive overhaul announced today, seven governors had stated that they did not plan to comply. That number seems certain to grow as other governors realize that, rather than fix the rule, EPA has in many ways made matters worse.”

In addition, more than 20 states are already preparing to challenge the rule in court.

Previously, NERA Economic Consulting reported that the proposed rule would cost as much as $479bln and that it would drive up electricity rates by double digits in 43 states.

If anything, the overhauled rule threatens to push costs and power prices even higher.

Arch Coal believes that premature and costly regulations are not the answer to addressing climate concerns.

Instead, Arch urges the Administration to ramp up dramatically its investments in low-carbon fossil fuel technologies, which currently total just a small fraction of overall government spending on energy.

“China, India and the rest of emerging Asia are building their economies on fossil fuels generally and coal specifically, which they view as their most affordable, reliable and secure energy option,” Slone said.

“To truly address the threat of climate change, these countries will need low-cost, low-carbon mitigation tools for fossil fuels.

“The Administration’s rule will do nothing to deliver such tools and could in fact slow their development here in the West, even as it hurts American ratepayers, American businesses and American competitiveness.

“We urge states to contest the rule vigorously and to defend their longstanding authority to manage their electric power systems in the way they deem most cost-effective, prudent and wise." — August 2 2015

According to the EPA: “nationwide, by 2030, this rule would achieve CO2 emission reductions from the power sector of approximately 30% from CO2 emission levels in 2005,” part of the EPA website’s spin reinterates.”

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EPA doctrine causes angst in power and coal industry

“The Administration (US) seems increasingly desperate to salvage an ill-advised and poorly designed rule, which won’t work, won’t pass muster with states, and won’t stand up to legal scrutiny,” Deck Slone, Arch Coal Inc.'s senior vice president of Read More..

Hazelwood fire costs $40m

Victoria’s (Australia) Hazelwood coal mine fire has cost the mine’s French and Japanese owners almost $40m to date, financial accounts reveal.

French energy giant Engie ~ formally GDF Suez ~ and Japanese trading house Mitsui & Co have Read More..

The big Japanese bust-up under way

Japan’s parliament (the Diet) has enacted a law that will separate electricity generation from transmission in April 2020, as the final step of a drastic, three-stage shake-up of the nation’s power sector.

The first stage saw the creation in April of Read More..

Deregulation stakcs up?

If you ask the folks who run the ’s power grid about the first 15 years of deregulation, they’ll tell you it was a rousing success.

Wholesale electricity prices in 2013 were only 2% higher than they were when deregulation started, back in 2000. If you fac Read More..

Onshore windfarms canned in UK

The future for onshore wind power in the UK is looking decidedly bleak following the general election last month, which resulted in a clear, if narrow, majority for the Conservative Party.

New energy minister Amber Rudd could struggle to implement electio Read More..

It is just not working for anyone

The low price of carbon is an indication that the market does not believe European Union politicians will take the necessary measures to fix the carbon market, the chief executive of German utility RWE said on Wednesday.

E Read More..

SA learns about 'truck' reactors

A new breed of small nuclear reactors about one-eighth the size of the coal-burning Hazelwood power station in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley are increasingly popular in the northern hemisphere and might be a good option for Australia if a nuclear industry is set up.

Read More..

Only licence holders need apply

NSW will impose more regulation on the sale of its electricity businesses, requiring whoever buys them to hold a licence that can be revoked.

The licence will require buyers to have a continuing, substantial presence in Australia, a condition apparently d Read More..



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ABB has won a fresh order from the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority for the 200MW Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum solar park. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar ParkDubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has placed an order with ABB worth $20m to expand the substation at the 200MW solar power park. DEWA is in the process of expanding the installed capacity of the project from 100MW to 200MW. In 2014, ABB was awarded a tender to set up sub-station for 100MW solar power capacity in the project. DEWA had, earlier this year, awarded the tender to implement 200MW (260MWp) solar photovoltaic power capacity at a record-low tariff of ¢5.98 per kWh. ABB will supply several key components to the project including three bays of 400 kilovolt and 11 bays of compact 132kV gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), power transformers, and IEC 61850-based open architecture automation and controls. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2016.

A 623% increase in second quarter net income and a 17% lift in operating earnings has prompted Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) to update full year guidance marginally to $2.80 ~ $2.95 a sharwe. It was $2.75 to $2.95. “PSEG Power’s construction of the new 755MW gas-fired Keys Energy Center in Maryland will expand our footprint in our core PJM market and serve as a strong operational and financial fit for our portfolio,” Ralph Izzo, chairman, president and chief executive officer said. Subsidiary PSE&G lifted operating earnings $16m or 10% as a result of the warmer weather and an expansion of its trsnsmission caspital program. The company reports employment and housing is showing a slow imnprovement reflecting in damand for electricity.

GE is preparing to complete the delivery of an electrical conversion system for the Paimpol- Bréhat tidal project of the coast of Brittany, France. GE Power Conversion has been chosen to provide the complete system, both subsea and onshore for the array, developed by EDF. The array is set for operation by the end of 2015. GE Power Conversion is working with EDF to finalise the electrical conversion system by summer 2015. Relevant testing is currently taking place, prior to the installation of the system. Two OpenHydro 16-metre turbines will be connected to a common subsea converter that will transform the current to HVDC to provide 1MW of electricity.