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The manufacturers' claim the ALS-3AC line separator makes current, voltage and power measurement so easy!! As the picture shows, a clamp tester is hooked around the x1 (direct one-to-one current measurement) aperture, or for high currents around the x10 aperture (the clamp meter now reads 1/10th of the actual line current). Voltage measurements are made on the recessed voltage terminals of the line separator and for power measurement, the current clamp and voltage measurements are made simultaneously. The Power Parameters ALS-3AC is just the ticket for quick energy audits of pool pump motors, air conditioners, domestic appliances and a host of industrial applications. Power Parameters Pty Ltd


Comparison of PWM snd SVM based active filters
By S. Sherine, A.P, EEE Department, Bharath University
Abstract ~ The aim of this project is to simulate VSI and CSI based active power filters to Non-linear load for improving power quality. THD is used as measuring index for comparing performances of these filters. These filters can reduce harmonic in supply current. View here
Utility requirements document for small modular reactors
The Utility Requirements Document is a declaration of owner/operator requirements for new nuclear plants, large or small. More than 1200 specific changes were made in the revision to accommodate SMR designs, ranging from emergency planning and human factors design to detailed technical modifications associated with safety systems and building arrangement. Notably, the EPRI Utility Requirements Document can be used throughout a nuclear power plant project’s lifetime ~ before, during, and after technology selection ~ to support successful project execution. View here
commande en retard Telangana state to get 1000MW solar power Solar panels power for the kayak!
APR Energy has commissioned a 20MWS expansion of its power plant in Myanmar, providing the Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE) with a guaranteed minimum of 102MW of power generation. Based in Kyaukse, in the Mandalay region, the expanded power plant is one of the largest thermal plants in Myanmar, providing electricity to over 6m people. It features the newest generation CAT low-emission mobile gas power modules and runs on Myanmar's indigenous, clean burning natural gas.
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Renewables fizzles out as government policy squirms
On: 15-04-2015 Topic: General

New investment in Australian renewable energy projects has fallen 90 per cent in the past 12 months, with the nation’s sector deemed “uninvestable” because of uncertainty around government policy.

The latest update from Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows that new investment in Australian large-scale renewable energy projects was $206.9m on March 31.

Data for the first quarter of 2015 shows a continuation of the investment freeze caused by policy uncertainty since the Abbott government’s renewable energy target review was announced in February 2014.

Kobad Bhavnagri, head of Australia at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, said investment in the industry had plummeted as investors and lenders began to exit the Australian market.

“Q1 (first quarter) 2015 saw Banco Santander, the world’s third largest clean energy lender, exit the Australian market,” he said.

“The Australian large-scale clean energy industry has become practically uninvestable due to ongoing uncertainty caused by the government’s review of the renewable energy target.”

The government moved to cut the large-scale RET after a review last year found a slump in electricity demand meant the 41,000GWh target was more like 26% rather than the 20% originally planned in 2008.

Labor has agreed to a compromise plan offered by the Clean Energy Council, which would cut the large-scale RET from 41,000GWh by 2020 to 33,500GWh.

But Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane has rejected that plan and is sticking to the government’s final offer of 32,000GWh.

He has argued that a higher RET could not be built in the time available but the renewables sector has insisted a higher target can be built.

The Business Council of Australia, the Australian Workers Union, the Australian Aluminium Council and renewables companies have all backed the compromised deal supported by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

Independent senator Jacqui Lambie has backed the government’s revised target and has said she believes the Coalition would find the six necessary crossbench votes if the Greens and Labor remain opposed.

Only one large-scale renewable energy project valued at an estimated $6.6m was financed in the first quarter of 2015, down from $46m in the corresponding period last year, Bloomberg New Energy Finance outlined.

There was zero investment in large-scale renewable projects in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Mr Bhavnagri said the uptake of rooftop PV by households and businesses had been largely unaffected by the difficult policy environment.

He said that about 195MW of rooftop PV capacity in the sub-100kW category was installed in the first quarter of 2015, which was a 7% increase on 2014 first-quarter installations.

“The federal government and opposition have both committed to making no changes to the current small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme that supports residential and commercial solar PV,” he said.

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Renewables fizzles out as government policy squirms

New investment in Australian renewable energy projects has fallen 90 per cent in the past 12 months, with the nation’s sector deemed “uninvestable” because of uncertainty around government policy.

The latest update from Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows Read More..


China plans to spend $100 billion on long-distance ultrahigh-voltage lines.

China’s State Grid Corp. wants to learn at home and then quickly export its b Read More..


Despite huge potential in the country, wind energy has faced rough weather in recent years.

During the last two years the wind energy deployment declined from 3000MW to 1500MW (1.5 GW) annually.

Experts are unanimous the wind sector can Read More..

Residential rooftop solar is the most expensive form of electricity

When David Owens, (pictured) EVP of business operations group and regulatory affairs for the Edison Electric Institute, briefed Wall Street on Wednesday, he was clear in his remarks about rooftop solar.

“I’d like to correct the pervasive misperception tha Read More..

ETS revival postponement?

A simmering disagrement between EEC member states about when to start a market stability reserve for the bloc’s struggling emissions trading system has been taken up a political notch by Poland.

Polish PM Ewa Kopacz (pictured) has written to European comm Read More..

Spanish head to US for expansion

Spain's Iberdrola is buying UIL Holdings for about $3bln to gain further access to the US market.

“The transaction integrates Iberdrola United states and UIL, is dependable with team method and produces a sizeable organization in the United States, a Read More..

World first wave power comes on stream

Carnegie Wave Energy has officially switched on the onshore power station for its Perth Wave Energy Project, launching the world’s first commercial-scale grid connected wave energy array and marking the first time in Australia wave-generated electricity has been fed into Read More..

SA nuclear: To be or Not to Be

The question of nuclear power for Australia has been raised several times over the last 60 years but usually on the conservative side of politics.

Apart from anything else, there has not been a strong need — the country has abundant coal located clo Read More..



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England's DECC says hundreds of jobs will be created in Yorkshire and Humberside as Dogger Bank development becomes largest renewable energy project to receive UK planning consent. Energy and Climate Change secretary Ed Davey said the two wind farms, which combined will provide 2.4GW of capacity from up to 400 turbines, has “"the potential to support hundreds of green jobs and power up to 2m homes".” The project still needs to secure a support contract through the government’s contract for difference subsidy regime and will require a final investment decision from the Forewind development consortium which brings together RWE, SSE, Statkraft and Statoil. However, if the project proceeds it will become the largest offshore wind farm in the world and the second biggest power generation facility in the UK behind the Drax thermal power plant in North Yorkshire. Davey hailed the decision as: “another great boost for Yorkshire and Humberside” and the wider green economy. “Making the most of Britain's home-grown energy is creating jobs and businesses in the UK, getting the best deal for consumers and reducing our reliance on foreign imports,” he said. The spin continued with: “Wind power is vital to this plan, with £14.5bln invested since 2010 in an industry which supports 35,400 jobs.”

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and New Zealands Transpower’’s emsTradepoint have launched (7/4/2015) ASX New Zealand gas futures. emsTradepoint’s indices will be used as the reference price for ASX’s new monthly and quarterly gas futures. emsTradepoint’s physically settled natural gas spot contract has experienced solid trading growth since listing over a year ago. In March 2015, 379,000GJ of gas was transacted on emsTradepoint, bringing the total of gas traded since the contract’s inception to over 1PJ. ASX’s general manager of derivatives and OTC markets, Rohan Delilkhan said ASX is committed to supporting the development of New Zealand’s energy markets: “Our new futures products launched today will help New Zealand gas industry participants manage their forward price risk and provide greater price transparency to this important developing sector within New Zealand’s energy market.” Transpower’s emsTradepoint manager James Whistler said the natural gas industry has seen unprecedented changes in recent years, with growing diversity, competition, uncertainty and risk.“emsTradepoint’s efforts to establish a liquid underlying physical spot market for gas in New Zealand has proven successful, with positive trading activity and solid growth. The new ASX futures listing will allow gas industry participants to further increase their confidence in a market solution and enhance their ability to manage inherent price risk,” he said. The new ASX New Zealand gas futures are part of ASX’s expanding energy derivatives business, which is designed to meet the risk management needs of energy market participants in New Zealand and Australia. They complement the ASX’s existing New Zealand electricity derivatives suite, which has grown 70% year-to-date compared with the same time last year, from 7,002 to 11,934 contracts traded, or the equivalent of 77,000MWh of electricity per day. (press release)

Israeli firm Werpo is planning to generate 500MW of sea wave power capacity as part of moves to ease the erratic power supply in Ghana. Director Shmuel Ovadia said it is hoping to rake in “tens of millions of dollars” in revenues from the installations. Werpo, which stands for Wave Electricity Renewable Power Ocean, holds the intellectual property, technology, know-how and contracts previously associated with Israel-based sea wave power firm SDE Ltd. The company has similar joint ventures in China and the Caribbean.