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Nothing new in NSW budget
Posted On: 2006-05-31 Posted by Des Dugan

THE capital expenditure program for the electricity businesses for 2005-06 is estimated in the NSW budget at $1,762m.
The ?nothing new? infrastructure section did nothing to ally concerns at NSW?s base load capacity (already in shortfall) and only reworked previous press releases from the respective energy authorities.
The upgrade of the Bayswater-Mt Piper-Marulan electricity transmission line from 330kV to 500kV ($195m) was outlined as was the upgrade of the Holroyd-Mason Park 330kV cable ($93m).
There is to be a new electricity substation near Baulkham Hills (the Bella Vista Zone Substation) to cater for burgeoning growth in the Norwest Business Park ($37m).
EnergyAustralia is projecting expenditure of $504m which includes $424m in network infrastructure projects and $55m of customer funded capital contributions Integral Energy is expected to spend $361m on capital investments in 2005-06.
Country Energy plans to spend a total of $446m in 2005-06, with around $309m invested in capital works to improve its network and associated services across country and coastal New South Wales.
Country Energy also plans to spend $20m in the former Australian Inland region.
About $2.7m will be invested to supply power to the Ginkgo mine development, and $7m to augment the electricity network in both Broken Hill and Wentworth-Balranald regions.
TransGrid is continuing substantial expansion and upgrading of the NSW high voltage electricity network.
TransGrid?s 2005-06 capital program of $192m includes $18m for the Coffs Harbour 330/132kv substation and $52m for the upgrade of transmission lines, transformers and substations across New South Wales with a focus on Western Sydney and the Central Coast.
Macquarie Generation will allocate $126m to capital projects that will provide ongoing improvement in the efficiency of the Bayswater and Liddell Power Stations.
Delta Electricity's capital expenditure of $66m include an upgrade of security at all sites and completion of an ash and dust system upgrade at Wallerawang Power Station.
Eraring Energy plans to spend an estimated $54m in 2005-06 to complete works associated with the Eraring Power Station Integrated Controls and Monitoring System; to construct a new generating unit at its Brown Mountain site; and to undertake several power station asset maintenance projects.
Brown Mountain Power Station is on the eastern escarpment of the Great Dividing Range inland from Bega on the Bemboka River.
Brown Mountain commenced generating in 1943 and was originally owned and operated by the then Bega Valley County Council.
Brown Mountain Hydro Power Station (power station) is a high pressure, 5 unit 4.5MW station which generates from the water release from Rutherford Creek and Cochran Dam.
Release is controlled by the irrigation requirements of the Bega Catchment.
The station is being upgraded with the installation of a new 4.2MW hydro unit with the retention and auto controls being upgraded on unit 2.
On completion of the upgrade, unit two will be supplied from Rutherford Creek and Cochran Dam will supply the new 4.2MW unit.
This will give the station a total generating capacity of 4.95MW.
It is the smallest of Eraring Energy?s hydro stations with a capacity of 4MW.
Brown Mountain Power Station is connected to the 55kV transmission line running between Cooma and Bega Substations.



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